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AgencyNXD is the new way for businesses to get expert consulting and guidance from trusted NXDs.

Our purpose

The rationale behind AgencyNXD has long been in the making and all three of the team have at different stages of their experiences, recognised their strengths and weaknesses and the stiff challenges faced by SMEs in trying to identify and subsequently access top quality advice on a consistent rather than hit-and-miss basis.

The platform you have in your hands, is the result of those hard-earned scars, insight and experiences: not just of the team of three but also the dozens of entrepreneurs who have generously agreed to devote some of their valuable time to share their expertise, their own scars and their own successes, offering our subscribers private and personal engagement with people who can really make a difference and help our subscribers learn and grow their agencies with like-minded folk who have been there.

This is unique in the UK.

Nurturing ambition

We believe AgencyNXD will uniquely support ambitious SMEs across the UK in our wider sector with an outstanding service delivered at a compelling price point which we believe has not been available before to SMEs.

SMEs which sign up will be accessing levels of practical advice and commitment which hitherto was essentially only available to larger companies who could afford highly paid execs and decorous non-execs!

Learn more about our creators

AgencyNXD has been created and developed by Richard Gregory, Anthony Diver and Nick Jaspan.

These three individuals have themselves been successful in starting, growing, selling and advising businesses across the wider marketing services sector and all three retain significant interests in the sector.

Richard Gregory

Richard is a non-executive director and advisor to several agencies and tech companies and he was also the former Director of Tech North and previously chief operating officer and then managing director of the digital agency Latitude, now owned by Jellyfish.

He has a wealth of experience advising SMES and his biggest constraint is his time – hence he is the originator of the AgencyNXD platform!

Anthony Diver

Anthony spent over 10 years working for three different agencies in senior roles spanning digital solutions and new media before founding Mosquito Digital in 2010. Mosquito employs over 50 staff working on UK and global projects.

The agency has established an award-winning reputation for its digital brands communication for its clients and Mosquito’s engagement in AgencyNXD is anchored on its particular skills in communication and user experience, E-Learning and content creation and management.

Nick Jaspan

Nick has been working in the communication, media and information sectors for 30 years

He launched the Insider magazine group in 1991 and went on to establish several other start-ups spanning data and media publishing. He co-founded Prolific North in 2013, stepping back from operations in 2018.

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