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AgencyNXD is the new way for businesses to get expert consulting and guidance from trusted NXDs.

Process overview

FREE Scorecard

Audit the performance of your agency and see how your benchmark against other agencies on the platform.

Business enhancement

Once they have subscribed, they can access any of the 40+ (and growing) services and tools available. Initially the range of tools covers six broad categories of agencies’ activities: strategy and planning, operations, people, commercial, sales & marketing and leadership.

The tools are a mix of documents and templates, several of which are interactive. Agencies use of these tools will depend on how developed their own agencies are but the monthly interactive scorecard, which takes around 30 minutes to complete, will offer agencies significant and frank insights into how they are running their companies and will allow them to benchmark themselves against their peers on an overall basis or by the six defined categories.

This enables companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses and once identified, begin to work on them to enhance their agencies’ performance.

Unparalleled expertise

The skills of our NXD panel are varied and deep and agencies can search for advice across a range of expertise: from starting and growing an agency, to operations, opening new offices, selling overseas, buying or selling a company, enhancing financial performance through to people skills, leadership and executive development.

Exceptional benefits

The core service alone offers tremendous value for money for agencies as the variety and worth of the tools on offer will resonate with different agencies of varying size and complexity across the UK.

Finding an NXD

As subscribers identify their key strengths and weaknesses – either through the interactive agency score card or through their own realisation - they will have the ability to search through the AgencyNXD panel of seasoned business people to see which of the panel might be able to offer them guidance in one or more of those chosen areas.

If the NXD agrees to the approach through the platform, a monthly one hour session is arranged through the Zoom video platform (stable and clear). Agencies signing up to the NXD service will agree not to contact their NXDs outside the monthly one hour session.

The proposition is brisk and without niceties but our experience and research tells us that for SMEs, the ability to access experienced NXDs such as those we have partnered with, offers levels of expertise and advice they typically would be unable to access.

The tales of expensive, hit-and-miss and unsuitable non-exec relationships are common place for most and AgencyNXD allows its subscribers to break through these two barriers of access and affordability and to learn from seasoned practitioners for one solid hour a month, enough for most companies and NXDs to get through the key issues without waffle and fuss and in the privacy of an office or home.

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