AgencyNXD adds 3 more experienced Non Execs

Anthony Diver
29.01.24 03:46 PM Comment(s)

As AgencyNXD relaunches with a new and improved website, we've also added 3 more Non Executives Directors for agencies to work with.

Mark is a three times founder and following his exit to Awin has embarked on a number of advisory roles while also being the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Exchange program in Enterprise City. 

Andy has a proven record in successfully leading, growing and exiting hundreds of businesses in UK, US, Europe and Asia and partners with a wide array of agency founders, helping them successfully navigate their way to financial freedom.

Last, but certainly not least, Trenton founded and led his agency for 15 years until it was acquired and he successfully exited. Since then he has written a bestselling book about people skills and emotional intelligence, and launched a new business to supercharge agency teams with client leadership skills.

All three have experience of Exits and the M&A process so great to talk to if that's something you'll be exploring soon.